• April 23, 2014 | by Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering

        The renowned 19th century Russian saint, Seraphim of Sarov (1759-1833), said of himself, "I don't know anything". Saint Seraphim recognized that he was but a funnel from which anything good that came out of him, was from God.
      • April 22, 2014 | by Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering

        If she be true to herself, the Church acts with an authority that is grounded in love. She holds within her realm the authority to make her people the children of God. She has the authority to forgive, and the capacity to love. And just as her Head, Jesus Christ, she exists to serve, and not to be served
      • April 21, 2014 | by Samuel Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

        Yesterday, Christians around the world joyfully celebrated Easter — the highest and holiest feast of the liturgical year. We celebrated Christ’s triumph over death, sin, and hell through his glorious resurrection. It was a happy day, indeed! But Easter isn’t just an important liturgical feast, it is a reality to be lived.
      • April 21, 2014 | by Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering

        Christ's resurrection is the beginning of an eternal life. Because of Christ's resurrection, death no longer separates us from God, and we are no longer destined for the darkness of Hades, but rather brought into heavenly mansions, to dwell there eternally in the fullness of everything good.
      • April 21, 2014 | by Kevin Clay, MONKROCK

        Whether at home, work, the coffeehouse, monastery or church, great tasting coffee is an affordable luxury everyone can enjoy. In fact, the pope declared it so in 1600 A.D.! Here’s a short history of coffee.